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SPEL Programme South Africa


SPEL Programme for support personnel in Link pharmacies


Health Science Academy welcomes you to this very interesting course for pharmacy support personnel that is offered in co-operation with Link pharmacies.

Learning outcomes

This program aims to develop the skill sets required to be successful as support personnel in the pharmacy. It includes different areas of expertise such as medical, commercial and interpersonal competencies.

The SPEL programme will set a national standard of competence for Link pharmacies, which will meet the business needs for excellent customer care and outstanding selling skills. It also covers the relevant commercial skills and product knowledge to improve the turnover of the pharmacy.

The ultimate goal is to make the customer feel welcome, solve his problems and provide in the majority of his needs.

Course content

The programme is divided in basic and advanced levels with Knowledge Sectors covering different topics.


The learner will have 6 weeks to complete every module. If not found Competent (C) after this time, then a re-registration fee will be applicable.


After every module, the learners will be assessed by means of a multiple-choice questionnaire to be completed on the electronic portal.

Learners will have two chances to successfully complete the questionnaire. If the learner is still found Not Yet Competent (NYC), then a resubmission fee will be applicable.


To qualify for the certificate of completion per module or per Knowledge Sector, learners have to complete and pass the online course questionnaire.

Course fee

The course is available on a scholarship basis from Link pharmacies.


Please click the button below to read the welcome letter. After that you can click the application form to download. Please e-mail the filled out application form to or fax it to 081 680 0671.

Contact Details

For any questions, please contact Ms Julia Ndlungwane or Ms Siphiwo Khoza at Health Science Academy on 087 821 1109.