GMP I: Introduction to good manufacturing practices

OBJECTIVES • To provide industry and government health employees with an essential basic knowledge of cGMP with a view to optimise the provision of quality medicine to the market. • To fulfil the MCC requirement that only staff trained in cGMP may manufacture, distribute or dispense medicine. • To provide persons involved in the manufacture of complementary medicines with the practical aspects and knowledge to be able to ensure that their company complies with the current requirements for Good Manufacturing Practice. ENTRANCE REQUIREMENTS Operators, technicians, health workers, supervisors, co-coordinators, compounders, store men, dispensers, analysts, chemists, pharmacists, food technologists, microbiologists, cosmetologists and general production, technical, engineering and quality control staff in the pharmaceutical, neutraceutical (baby food), herbal, homoeopathic and cosmetic industries and private as well as government hospitals. Vendors servicing industry and hospitals are also eligible. No prior knowledge of GMP is required. DURATION Material is presented at an attendance workshop of 4 hours in small groups in our offices in Pretoria, or as an in-house course should number of participants permit. A written questionnaire has to be completed after the course.